Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lots of small pieces, and trying new things

I've been visiting my family this month, but I brought some supplies with me so I would have something to work on if needed. I've been working mostly in the evenings when everyone is watching tv, and I've been getting a lot of small pieces for my shop done. I don't know quite how it's happening, because I'm usually not this fast, but I'm averaging 3 pieces a day, although most still need to be mounted on hairclips, and a few will need finishing touches once I get home and have all of my supplies available.

I've been playing with so many new designs, I can't wait to get them all photographed so I can share them. So far, I've done a luna moth, a swan, several different lotus designs, dogwood, moonflower, fuschia, plumeria, small pinwheels, a tudor rose, an orchid, and I'm in the middle of a stem of bleeding hearts and a thistle. 

I have over 75 pieces made so far, I've almost filled the box I brought for projects!