Sunday, June 29, 2014

Two new custom pieces, and supply problems

I've just finished two custom kanzashi pieces, a small wisteria and a fuschia flower hair pin, both in bright yellow shades. I'm currently working on a custom pair of bon-ten for another customer, and I have two kiku sets to make when that one is finished, so I've closed my custom orders for the moment until I have completed all o my current orders.

I've also got a bit of a problem, since I've just found out that the craft store near me will no longer be carrying one of types of metallic cords I use, and I'm going to have to either find it elsewhere (provided it's not been discontinued by the manufacturer) or find a substitute. I have a small amount left in stock, so I will be able to use it on a few more projects providing those projects use only small pieces, but I won't be able to create anything that needs a lot of it until I find a solution. If I have to order it online, I'll have to raise the prices a little bit on the designs that use a lot of it in the future, because the cost will more than triple once shipping is added, and I'll probably not be able to order it as often as I was buying it.

I really want to finish some of the projects that have been sitting in my drawer, some of them have been there for months, and there's one or two that haven't been worked on in a year, so maybe I'll be able to do that once these orders are finished.

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