Sunday, July 13, 2014

Awesome kanzashi offer!

UPDATE: super kanzashi deal is taken, polymer clay jewelry still available. :)

Amazing kanzashi offer! first come, first served.

Ok, here's why. I just found out that a line of items I really like is being discontinued, or rather, was discontinued several months ago. I found a single website that has a few remaining, but they're selling them fast. So, in an attempt to raise enough money to purchase the item I'm looking for before they run out, I'm offering a sale in my Etsy shop. The deal is any 4 items valued over $20, and 2 valued under $20, for $75.00 plus shipping. The only pieces excluded are those which are already reserved for another customer,
and of course custom orders. Note me on Etsy if you're interested, and I'll set up a special listing for you with the deal price.

A super deal, offered for 1 week only, and to only one person. The first person to contact me gets it, I'll update here when it's been taken.

You can find my Etsy shop here:

Also, I'm weeding out my kanzashi shop of some of the older/not as well designed pieces this week, and finally getting rid of a lot of my polymer clay charms and other small accessories I used to make for craft shows. Over 300 pieces, some of them (I'd say maybe 10 or 15 pieces out of the bunch) are a little dusty and need a quick fix like re-gluing the pins, re-attaching a jump ring or re-glazing a dull spot with some clear nail polish, but nothing too bad. I've just put everything into one big box, and am selling the whole lot at a major discount. If you like decoden or polymer clay sweets, have a look here:

just remember to zoom in on the listing pictures, I had to combine a few to show everything. There's a lot there, this box would be great for gifts, prizes, to be split among a group of people who like that type of jewelry, or even to take pieces apart to use the elements in your own projects.

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