Friday, September 12, 2014

I've finished the momiji sets, and made a small custom barrette, and now I'm ready for a short break! 

 The red and white satin barrette is a replacement piece for someone who had ordered one with that design from a different seller (no one I know) and never recieved it. I was glad to do it, but I don't get very much satisfaction out of making a piece without any personal creativity of my own in it, so I made some simple bobby pins as well.

Sadly, my faithful sewing scissors had finally had enough after being worked incessantly over the last few weeks, and fell apart. At first I thought I could just screw them back together, but it looks like the threads have been stripped, so I can't actually tighten the screw and it just comes out again. I suppose I'll have to finally buy another pair. I had just had those sharpened a few months ago, too.

I am trying to find a reliable source for polyester lining fabric with a variety of colors (the type sometimes labeled as china silk). I found one website that looked good, the color selection was great, but when my order came it was a  *knit* lining, which is not at all the same thing. I double checked the sale page, and no mention at all was made of the fact that it is knit, which is slightly annoying. So, that website doesn't work. I'm sure I'll use that fabric for something eventually. 

                                                              Not much like silk, is it?
I did find another place that had the green color I wanted, so I ordered some, and pretty much everything was perfect. right fabric, right color, great price, and quick shipping. *But* they are a warehouse fabric store, and inventory is probably always changing. I'm not sure I can rely on that one to have the fabric I'm looking for the next time I need it.

                                                 Really hoping they keep this stuff in stock!

Most of the websites I find either have a minimum order, insufficient information, color swatches that don't look accurate, price is too high, shipping is too high (major reason I only rarely buy from international websites), etc. I only buy one yard at a time, and my funds are extremely limited, so I can't afford to keep trying different places and run the risk of ordering something that won't work. Most of what I make from my orders goes right back into supplies, and I budget carefully, so I really need to find reliable sources to work with rather than having to run around at the last minute of a starting a custom order hoping I can: 1. find the type and color of fabric I need to make the project and 2.(especially if it's been a while since my last order) afford it.

So, that's what I'm doing right now. pretty sure nobody other than myself and my mother has even seen this blog, but if anyone else is reading it, got any suggestions? :)

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