Thursday, October 16, 2014

Combs, hydrangea, and alcohol inks

The hanagushi combs were finished and mailed last week, I just finished the hydrangea set last night, and now I get to start another comb. :)

I also played a bit with alcohol inks for dyeing polyester fabrics. I used white polyester lining to make an iris, then I tried to paint it. I mixed two of the inks to get purple. I used it first at full strength, then watered it down a little with extender. The extender seems to be the only way to get any sort of gradient at all, the colors do not flow smoothly into each other easily. It worked this time, but the extender looks like it changes the hue very slightly though, so it may not work with all colors. I will have to experiment more to find out.

 Here are the results:


. Ink colors are mixable
. Colors are strong and bright
. A little bit goes a long way
. Doesn't spread too much when spot painting


. Colors can be unpredictable, always test on a spot of fabric
. A smooth gradient is very difficult to get
. you need to be quick when painting, or you'll end up with splotches where the ink is already drying. 

 I really do need to update this blog's gallery, it's just such a pain in the neck to do. I'll get around to doing it one of these days...

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